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Bellevue Home Improvement Loan

 Home Improvement Loan with Bellevue Mortgage Rates

Bellevue Home Improvement (203k Streamline) Loan

Would you buy a house if you could change or fix some things that need attention?

  • Up To $35,000 For Home Improvements
  • Remodel Can Be Done After Closing
  • Government Insured — Can Save You Money

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Let’s say you found a home to purchase but it needs some “fixer” type work to make it fit your needs. TILA Mortgage has a product that will allow you to have up to $35,000 for home improvements which can be done after the closing date.

It’s called a 203k Streamline and it’s an FHA (Government Insured) program that promotes home ownership on properties that need some work. This program is NOT designed for major renovation but for improvements like: repairing a roof, new carpet, painting a room, fixing the back deck etc. The intention of the program was to help borrowers follow through with their home purchase even if the home needed some work.

At TILA Mortgage we are very knowledgeable and proficient with 203(k) loans. Call us today to speak with one of our Licensed Loan Officers and learn more. 206-766-8888

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