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Fixed Rate Mortgage

Fixed Rate Mortgage

Do you prefer a fixed rate home loan and payment for the life of your mortgage?

  • Lower Risk Fixed Payments
  • Available In 10 – 30 Year Terms
  • Fixed Rates Near All Time Low!

Our experts will help you get qualified for a loan at a great rate.

Call (206) 766-888 now  for a free consultation or get a free rate quote by email. From Seattle to Tacoma, from Bellevue to Spokane, we serve all of Washington state.

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A fixed rate payment loan is for customers who are looking to keep their home for a long time period and want to lock in their rate over the term of the loan.

At TILA Mortgage we have have set up fixed rate home loans for people all over the greater Puget Sound area. From Mill Creek to Maple Valley, Lynnwood to Lake Stevens.

With this type of loan you don’t need to worry about market rate changes. A fixed rate loan is available in 30, 25, 20, 15 or 10 year terms. To get the lowest payment you would choose a 30 year term. If you want to reduce the amount of total interest paid, you would choose a shorter term.


If you are interested in comparing the difference between a Fixed Rate Mortgage vs. an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM), call 206-766-8888 to speak with one of our licensed loan officers.

You can also learn more online about our other options for home purchase loans and mortgage refinancing including FHA Loans and Jumbo Loans.


Let TILA Mortgage help you acquire a fixed rate mortgage today

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